First ever blog post

Hello Everyone and welcome to my very first blog post. I have to admit I am a little nervous and excited to start this new adventure and share it with everyone who enjoys books as much as I do. As you can see this page is still very new and a lot still needs to be done to complete it, so while this is happening please be patient and feel free to give ideas on what you would like to see on here.

You are probably wondering what to expect to see on this page. I can tell that this page will include :

  • Reading Reviews
  • TBR (to be read) books each month
  • What was read each month
  • Book box unboxings
  • Books brought throughout the month
  • Read-a-thons I plan to take part of and my readings for it
  • And other book related conent

Books Addicts Anonymous was created to express my love for books and share my reading journey. So I hope all you book lovers out there who are following this page enjoy what I am creating here and share your thoughts on the books I read and share. I am hoping to add posts at least once a week (as long as life permits) and hope to see your comments.

Goodbye for now fellow book addicts ☺